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About Proxy Blind Site

Proxy Blind is designed
using just HTML, CSS, SSI and Perl. You will not find any Java script, Active-X control, Java applets, Flash, Cookies, Ads, Pop-up's, Frames on this site.
Just for "testing" and counting purposes we use Active - X, Java script, Java so that every visitor can evaluate just how good his or her online privacy is at the moment! Free anonymous proxy list are updated daily inside forum and several time per month on the main site. We try to provide you a really working, tested and alive servers from our weekly update proxy list.All servers are manually tested.Usually with AAtools or Charon.

ProxyBlind ProxyMinds
The need for free proxy servers raise dramatically every day. Many Middle Eastern and Afrika countries try hard to block all IP Addresses from known and unknown proxy service to avoid their folks of accessing other sites.
ProxyBlind have always a fresh and free list of proxy servers that will help all people, who living in those countries that block and restrict access, to surf anonymous and access other parts of world web wide blocked from their Governments.
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Pictorial and textual guides

Below is set from our textual and pictorial tutorial:

  1. Proxy Chaining using Sockschain (IE and IRC chained)
  2. Socksify your appz using SocksCap
  3. AATools analyzing networks/ports guide
  4. AIS (angry ip scanner)analyzing networks/ports guide
  5. Mirc through SocksChain
If you have any question or problem regarding explained tutorials below do not hesitate to ask us on our forum.

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AATOOls port scanner guide

Let see how it works with AATools.With this program from glocksoft (75 dollar) you can analyze hosts and services that are started on these ports Open AAT and then go to the Port Scanner.You can use port scanner from AAT to analyze hosts with any open ports 1080, 80, 3128, 8080, 1029 etc. We going to enable TCP scanning under Policy. Under port set we gonna to chose Proxy Ports Chose ping 10, connect timeout 10 or 15 and threads 30 We going now to set up what ports we need for scanning Go under Port set and chose Proxy Ports NOw you can see what are automatically chosed proxy ports LInks side we can add new ports or chose one of many ports that we want to scan.\ This picture show how to add ports to scanner Chose setting Under socks proxy type your working Socks.It is needed for scanning behind socks and not your own IP. Type one range and click on Lookup The same ranges come on picture above.Change manually to desired value. Click on ADD.Your ranges appears under Host to Scan and now just click on Start Sygate show that you scanning behind socks Port Scanner have found in our example one open ports.If you are system administrator do not panic. You can copy it to AATools proxy scanner and test thereagain for example to examine of you these mistakenly left open.. Good luck with examining!

Socksify your appz using SocksCap - Tutorial with pictures!!

start sockscap click on file-setting input your socks and port ( be sure that socks is fast and that 100% works ) and then specify on bottom line of that is socks 4 or 5. If socks 5 be sure to check "Resolve all names locally" Click on Apply and then Ok. Click on File-New.WE gonna to chose appz that will be socksify. In this example i'm gonna to sockisfy chess proggie DF.But you can socksify any appz following this example. Under profile name chose any name that you like Command line to find your executable of appz. And working directory is automatically add. Click on Ok and excutable file of your appz has been add. Now click right mouse on excutable and chose run socksified. Appz has been started and we gonna to make connection via socks to chessbase server. Look to the Sygate (if you do not have Sygate use sniffer to see what happend) and Sygate show that our chess appz has been connected to the server via socks.So servers has me identify as someone from Italy (socks from Italy). Done.Good luck with socksifying!!!! :wink:

Proxy Chaining using Sockschain (IE and IRC chained)

We gonna try to show you basic pictorial tutorials of chaining Internet Explorer and IRC using Sockschain (appz from ufasoft that ccould be find on the main site inside commercial section of proxy tools). Chaining IE through Sockchain:
--------------------------------------------------------------- When you open sockschain then go to Tools - Option - General and select as on the picture below (faster connection chose higher threads-timeout is depend on you.5 second is very well).: Go to the proxy and upgrade and then chose as on the picture below (it is import that you disable any interaction with ufasoft): Next section is Tools - Proxy manager.As fist chose update list and then test all.Proxy/socks checker of sockschain works enough to show you which proxy/socks works or not, but not very well as Charon, AAtools etc: After finishing of testing click on Service - New and you'll get screen as below.Right side are tested proxy/socks.You can added socks/proxy to chain with simple selecting and then click on ADD as on the picture. On left side we can chose name of chain (not import) and port of local server.We chosed port 1088.It is import that you do no have any active connection on this port.Disable auto creating chain (sockschain rotates the proxys/socks in a random order): Click on ok then go to Internet explorer Tools -Internet Option - Connection - Lan Setting - Advanced and input as on the picture below: Go back to Sockschain and click with right mouse button on field application and add your IE: Start IE and you'll see inside sockschain creating of chains on the way to google: Configuration and execution of IE through chain of socks/proxy using Sockschain ended with success.

Mirc/IRC through Sockchain:
----------------------------------- Frist follow procedure explained above for sockschain.Then open Mirc and be sure to set it up as on the picture below. After setting it up then click on connect and you'll be connected to mirc in this sample through chain of 2 proxy/socks. Good luck!!!

AIS (angry ip scanner)!!!

Angry IP scanner seems to be very attractive for analyzing networks and scanning ports because of his speed.It is very fast, many people use them and together with Superscan one of the fasters scanner. However i must say that ultimate networks and scanning ports program especially for finding proxy is proxyhunter. With AIS you need to export all host with open ports and then test all of them with one of many proxy tester. AIS is small and very fast.At least 2-3 times faster than ProxyHunter. Let's back to our tutorials. It is almost done all from first starting of programs.So big knowledge to system administrator is not needed to configurative this program for analyzing open ports of hosts. Let';s first go to option.Option and select columns is not needed to change (you can play by yourself with option and there is also very detailed help file from author for every single option.) We should go over first 2 option and then just take a moment for third option select ports. You have choice from selecting many ports but usually proxy common ports as 80, 8080 and 3128. We added by also ports 443 https port! Simple click on start and go take a one black coffee. During scanning some of dot appear on your screen: Green means open port and alive server on specifed ports Red means dead server Blue means alive server but we could not find open ports because we have specifed only a couple ports (80, 8080, 3128, 443) and server is not open on any of from us specifed ports. After scanning has been finished delete dead proxy as on the picture below. Then export all server to .txt file. AIS have unusual format to import servers for retesting.Only program that support AIS fromat is Charon.(Alternative may be to you site from Guardian because you may find online converter to format ip:port ) . Open Charon and import it as on the picture below. Test all server and in our example we find only one working as anonymous proxy. And scanning took only 30 secund. Good luck!
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More Online Privacy Software
To see more useful anonymous surfing and online privacy programs use link above.

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