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Anonymous Free Proxy Servers - April 09, 2012

Below is short proxy server list of the latest fresh and free anonymous proxy servers in IP address:port (proxy:port) format.
All open anonymous proxies below are manually tested and all are working in the time of testing! CoDEen & Planetlab proxies removed!

Czech Republic:

Russian Federation:





Do you know how to set your browser and hide IP address behind proxy server?
See proxy settings.

Are you looking for more free socks or proxy servers, anonymous or non anonymous from specific countries?

Then check out our quality proxy list on our proxy forum

For quality web proxy list take a look into our free web proxy server list.

Free Proxy Minds

Protecting your ip address and staying anonymous behind web based proxy server service such as PHP or CGI Proxy Server has become very popular last couple months. The reason is that many students start to use it to bypass filter set by school.

But not only students. Web based proxy server service are effective to bypass almost only restriction through any filter. How it works?

Web filters are set to block the sites, unsuitable words or in some case ip address ranges that have improper content. When you visit and use the site that act as proxy server, then filter see only that site and cant filter and block any content and traffic that you use through that web proxy server. For Web filter it looks as you are all time connected only to one site - web proxy server site and nothing else.

For more explanation about using web based cgi proxy server service see Start using cgi proxy

proxy list

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Proxy Server

A proxy server is a server that retrieves Web pages for you, providing only its own identity to the sites it visits.

Requesting data comes first to the proxy, and through the requested proxy, the data is transmitted to you.

Usually, proxy server are used to increase the effective network speed of your connection to the Internet because they save informations and files that are requested by many many users in a special database what is called "cache".

When you retrieve pages behind proxy, then proxy server first look into "cache" and if the same information is found you will gets directly because of previsly storing in "cache".

Anonymous proxy server hide your IP address and hide information about you and your interests. Besides that, anonymous proxy server can help in the cases when, for example, the owners of the Internet resource force some limitation on users from certain countries, cities, geographic regions or even restrictions on some IP address ranges.

Anonymous Surfing

Of all the activities the Internet offers, browsing Web pages is probably the last thing many folks would consider hazardous. Web-surfing is not without threats to internet privacy and every visit to Web Site may be risk to you because everything is automatically recorded for analyzing purpose.

Some Web servers can be set up from webmaster and administrators with malicious intention to "grab" your Email address and other info from your browser. This capability is often used to put your name on spammers lists. It can also be used to logs and keep track of exactly who visits a Web site.

Anonymous proxy server together with knowledge of spoofing HTTP variables can prevent this malicious spammer activity along with sniffing your real IP address and other informations from prying webmasters.

Hide Ip Address

You can lose your online privacy simply by visiting a Web site. YOUR IP address is vulnerable to unscrupulous hackers, who may use it to gain access to your Personal details and hard drive.

Furthermore web site can automatically exploit security holes in your system using some ready-made free hacking programs. Some of such programs may just hang your machine, making you reboot it, but other, more powerful ones, can get access to the content of your hard drive or RAM.

What a web site may need for that is only your IP address and some information about your operating system. Hide IP Address from Big Brother's prying eyes and protect your online privacy with our help and fresh free proxy servers list.

Free Proxies

We do weekly up to date of anonymous proxies (including those that support SSL/HTTPS method), socks proxy server on our main site and daily update inside our forum (with kindly thanks to our great members support)

Proxy Blind is dedicated to all the people who have an interest in internet security, online privacy, and who would to stay Anonymous in the Age of Surveillance. Everything what you get from us is absolutly free. We are glad to provide you:

  • Enormous list of fast, working and free web proxy site and web proxy server
  • instruction for browser setting then education how to Hide IP address and protect your internet privacy and internet security from prying eyes
  • help to system administrators websites who has mistakenly left proxy/HTTP cache open to anyone.
  • help webmasters to eliminates abuse of open proxies on their websites.
  • how to defend your internet anonymity, surf anonymously and learn more about anonymous surfing along with HTTP and HTTPS or SSL proxies, useful for tunneling and bypass firewall because of HTTP CONNECT command.
  • diverse textual, pictorial (see tutorials) and video guides (inside forum - need registration) how to use proxy server, how to be anonymous on the Web, how to bypass and unblock site, how to start using cgi proxy for protect your online privacy and how to Hide IP Address  on Internet, IRC (Mirc), ICQ, p2p / filesharing( Kazaa, Edonkey etc...) and the social networking sites like FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo, Orkut
  • monthly up to date of suspicios IP address for your firewall (Fight against spying on you from RIAA, MPAA and other enemys of your internet privacy)
  • largest base of free proxy tools and software to protect your IP Address and increase your online privacy and internet security.
  • practical advice including free tools and software to protect, find and clean your pc from virus, parasite ( Data-mining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, Keyloggers, Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components)
  • the necessary information, advice and free anti-spam software on stopping spam from getting to your user's mailboxes.
  • diverse online tests and checkpoints for testing your IP address and proxy
  • 7 days a week, 365 days a year support to ensure you succeed in finding the internet - online privacy
and much more...

You can become a member of our web community with simple Registration

I wish to thank all those people who were here from the beginning and supported us every day with their ideas, suggestions and informations. Free-minded people.

IP Address & Proxy Sites
Top Proxy Software

GhostSurf Proxy Platinum
Provides an anonymous and encrypted Internet connection. GhostSurf use own extremely fast and stable proxy servers to help your anonymous surfing and also as addition may stops spyware, eliminates ads, erases your tracks etc...

(Highly Recommended)

Anonymizer Anonymous Surfing
A complete Anonymous suite of personalized privacy tools. Pretty cool!!!

(Highly Recommended)

Webroot Spysweeper
Spy Sweeper is probably one of the most effective standalone tool for detecting, removing and blocking nasty ad-aware and spyware.

(Highly Recommended)

More Online Privacy Software
To see more useful anonymous surfing and online privacy programs use link above.

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