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About Proxy Blind Site

Proxy Blind is designed
using just HTML, CSS, SSI and Perl. You will not find any Java script, Active-X control, Java applets, Flash, Cookies, Ads, Pop-up's, Frames on this site.

Just for "testing" and counting purposes we use Active - X, Java script, Java so that every visitor can evaluate just how good his or her online privacy is at the moment! Free anonymous proxy list are updated daily inside forum and several time per month on the main site.

We try to provide you a really working, tested and alive servers from our weekly update proxy list. All our proxy servers are manually tested and free. Usually with ProxyRama, AAtools or Charon.

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For any questions reguarding Proxy Blind please contact me :

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HTTPS proxy server (also known as SSL or IRC proxy servers) are all proxies that use so called CONNECT method what means that server can dynamically switch to being a tunnel and form so called SSL tunnel.

With this kind of HTTPS servers you shall be able to connect not only to two well known protocols HTTP and HTTPS (secure and encrypted form of HTTP) but also to FTP,IRC protocol (as we assume that FTP and IRC port are not blocked by proxy server administrator) because they act in same way as socks proxy.

When this proxy act in connect (tunneling) mode spilling of your ip address is not possible because variable X_Forwarded_For responsible for lacking of you ip does not exist in this mode.

From point of anonymity and privacy it does not matter of you use non anonymous or anonymous proxy in connect mode.
All HTTPS (SSL) proxy servers listed below are tested on February 10, 2011!!

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IRC (HTTPS) proxy list including Country:




Hong Kong








Russian Federation






United Kingdom

United States of America

Viet Nam


This is just small part from our HTTPS list. More HTTPS proxies are available on our discussion board ProxyBlind Forum

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