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ProxyBlind Privacy News / Diary[6]
How To Leech And Test HTTP Proxies Using AD (Wickerman)!
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Proxy Basics
Misinterpretation about danger of proxy servers!
Diary of ProxyBlind
July 2005[1]
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28 Apr 2005
Misinterpretation about danger of proxy servers!
Today my attention has been attract from a couple articles that try to explain danger of using open proxy server and in same time try to sale you their own service because it is so-called safe and secure.
It is well known from past that some so-called safe and secure company has been forced from law to provide all information from their logs about specific
user who used their service and did a illegal things on internet.
It has happend at least 2 times that i know.Once with free service and once with commercial service.
If you decide to use any "safe and secure service" instead of free one then use it service where stated that their logs about your activity are not saved and keep and that then never can be pass on
third authority because they in fact not exist.

Back to misinterpretation about danger of using open proxy server.
In article stated that there are many danger of open proxy server and that many online Internet services and companies
scan your port for common open proxies and if proxy is open they deny you from using or purchasing their services.
This is far away from really facts about companies and Internet service that check their user for open proxy server.
So far i know there are 5% of companies and Internet service that use such a technology.
One example are administrator of IRC servers (users of Mirc programs that fall not into category above) that check
of you are behind proxy.
Another example is yahoo that check of you use proxy and deny you to use their service if they
found that you are behind proxy.At the moment i can't remember anything else.
They are for sure some more internet services and companies but articles didn't mentioned any of them.
And what is most import company that check of you are behind open proxy server or not
use not very oft scanning ports technology because such a technique is very oft controversial even if it is described as "harmless".
They use more advanced technology or just check one of many site that collect blacklisted proxy server (used as relays, socks for spamming purpose)

Another example that can be found inside article are honeypots/hackerpots?
There are well honeypots that are set up from goverment to trap activity of user behind honeypots
and there are well hackerpots but chance that you start to use such a proxy is 1%?
As first all list on proxyblind are cleaned from well known suspicious ranges,
as second always perform whois on server to get more information about it and
as third use excellent free tools Charon to integrate peerguardian list of suspicious servers (there are thousand servers inside their list)
and then clean once more your list using a Charon through such a list range if you are paranoid.
Nobody can guaranty you anything but in my 5 years experience of every day using of proxy and changing of probably of
10000 proxies i've never experienced any problem with honeypots or hackerpots.
Another a really naive warning of using of open proxies to scare people is
that you could be hunted down and prosecuted of using of unauthorized server and that it could be a ARTICLE 13 well known as MISCELLANEOUS OFFENSES
As first there are many commercial software that provide people free list of open proxies after you have bought their product.
And furthermore we have this already explaned by our Tutorials

Can you tell me if is legal to use open proxies for surfing?
In fact you shall ask administrator of proxy server for using it but if we look at Us law Fraud and related activity in connection with computers then we can see that it applies only when the user has knowingly accessed a computer without authorization or has knowingly exceeded his authorized access on that computer.Open proxies are open and public and allow connection from anywhere in the world.
We can assume that the fact that the proxy owner has setup proxy server and made it technically possible for everybody without restricting access to that service, it indicates that that is what he wanted in the first place.
The reasons behind it may be very different, and in many cases
there are no long-term plans behind a public proxy.
The situation is very similar with any websites! You don't need to ask permission for yahoo to connect.If proxy don't ask you for any password it means it is public and open and can be used.If proxy start aksing you for password stop using them because it is not anymore public and using proxy password protected is against law!


Do not trap into marketing tricks of some company before you check their privacy policy.
And use only service from company that state by agreement that logs of activity are not saved and could be not pass to any claimant for whatever reason.

They are excellent free service as Tor + Privoxy (check our proxy server tools section) or now debatable JAP free service.
Remember never do anything illegal on internet and use proxy or any free anonymized service just to increase your online privacy and internet security.
Category : ProxyBlind Privacy News / Diary | Posted By : proxyblind | Time : 11:42:30 am
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